Ministries with Youth and Families

The youth ministry programs of Highland Presbyterian Church (HPC) create opportunities for young people and their families to connect more deeply with the triune God’s love and grace. Meeting sixth through twelfth-grade youth where they are on their faith journeys, HPC strives to provide a safe, welcoming community that engages God’s Word, explores the world through a theological lens, develops spiritual practices, supports parents as faith formation partners, and puts faith into action.

Ministry opportunities include:

  • Confirmation – Typically for eighth graders, this one-year program prepares young people to make a public profession of their faith
  • Meetups – Faith-based, Christ-centered gatherings about whatever that happen whenever and wherever
  • Mission Opportunities – Mission-focused meetups that make the world better by serving others through learning and/or action
  • Retreats & Overnights – One and two-night adventures designed around a purpose or theme that strengthen our community and offer growth opportunities
  • Social Justice Initiatives – Identifying and engaging injustices in the world and actively seeking ways to create change
  • Spiritual Practices – Paying attention to our spiritual selves and cultivating spiritual experiences that deepen our connection with the triune God
  • Sunday School – Sunday morning gatherings that dive deeply into God’s word, engage God’s grace, and respond to God’s grace with gratitude
  • Trips – Annual trips to Montreat Youth Conferences (both high school and middle school) as well as mission and/or justice-focused discovery trips
  • Worship – Regular opportunities to plan, lead, and participate in multiple types of worship throughout the liturgical year
  • Youth Group – Sunday night meetups that run the gamut from engaging super-serious topics to just hanging out in God’s name
  • Youth Music – Connecting with God’s love through the power of music, including bell choirs, vocal choirs, and an orchestra


To discover more about HPC’s ministry with youth and their families, please contact Michael Harper.