Austin Memorial Organ

Austin Memorial Organ, Opus 2442

The Memorial Organ was ordered by Highland Presbyterian Church on February 10, 1964 and dedicated on June 5, 1966. It is the third organ installed in the church. This particular instrument is, in every respect, an American contemporary organ. It serves as an instrument of worship: assisting, leading, and inspiring the congregation to offer their best in music and singing.

Austin Organs is known as one of the great American organ builders. Known for great design and solid craftsmanship, they have been building instruments since the 1890’s.

Opus 2442 has four divisions, three manuals, and 35 ranks. A total of 2,010 pipes are housed in the 6.5 ton instrument. The largest pipes, some wood and some polished/brushed zinc, are 16 feet long. The smallest pipe is only 3/8 of an inch long. All parts are made by hand using instruments that have changed little since the middle ages.

Opus 2442 (1965 and 2008)
3 Manuals, 39 Ranks

Gemshorn 16 ext.
Principal 8
Gemshorn 8
Harmonic Flute 8
Bourdon 8 (sw)
Octave 4
Spitzflote 4
Super Octave 2
Fourniture, IV
Tuba Major 8 (sw)Chimes
Great 16
Great 4Swell 16,8,4
Choir 16,8,4
Manual Transfer SWELL
Gedeckt 16
Viole 8
Viole Celeste 8
Bourdon 8
Principal 4
Rohr Flute 4
Blockflote 2
M’t’d Cornet, III (ch)
Plein Jeu, III
Bassoon 16 ext.
Trompette 16 ext.
Trompette 8
Hautbois 8
Hautbois 4 ext.
Tuba Major 8Tremulant
Swell 16
Unison Off
Swell 4

Nason Flute 8
Flauto Dolce 8
Flute Celeste 8
Koppelflute 4
Nazard 2 2/3
Octave 2
Quinte 1 1/3
Mounted Cornet, III
Cromorne 8
Tuba Major 8 (sw)Zimbelstern
Choir 16
Unsion off
Choir 4Swell 16, 8, 4PEDAL
Soubasse 32 (digital)
Contrabass 16
Gemshorn 16 (gt)
Gedeckt 16 (sw)
Principal 8
Gemshorn 8 (gt)
Gedeckt 8 (sw)
Choral Bass 4 ext.
Mixture, IV
Bombarde 32 (digital)
Trompette 16 (sw)
Bassoon 16 (sw)
Hautbois 8 (sw)
Hautbois 4 (sw)
Tuba Major 8 (sw)Great 8, 4
Swell 8, 4
Choir 8, 4

Stops in bold are new or reconstructed in 2008

Before the Opus 2442, Highland Presbyterian Church had two previous instruments. The first pipe organ was built in 1905 by the Marshall-Bennett Company of Moline, IL. A complete rebuild of the instrument was done in 1930 by Henry Pilcher & Sons Organ Builders of Louisville, KY. This particular instrument had to be pumped by hand. Former Louisville Mayor Bruce Hoblitzell was known to work the pump as a boy. A water pump was later installed, and still later an electric motor.